Actosome InoCeramide C06

Actosome InoCeramide C06 is a ceramide, which is a part of the category of “lipid fatty acids” that our body produces organically. Ceramides make up around half of the outermost layers of your skin and adding this ingredient to your skin routine strengthens the lipid barrier which, in turn, increases the protection your skin naturally has. Actosome InoCeraminde C06 contains Ceramide 3 which is a vital ingredient out of all lipids and fats for production and maintenance of skin keratin. It can also be used in your hair as well as skin as a conditioning agent to soothe and calm your skin, preventing any water loss to keep your complexion well hydrated. This product not only adds hydration, but also works actively to prevent any from leaving your skin by enhancing the skin’s natural protective barrier. One of the biggest external stressors skin faces is dryness. Whether it is the harsh dryness of the air or a natural propensity to dryness, moisture is emphasized by dermatologists as a basic necessity for skin health. Actosome’s increased hydration also comes with the protection of your skin from other outside stressors including any allergens or microorganisms. Its innovative moisturizing properties will leave your skin looking as amazing as it feels, soft and absolutely beautiful.

The Constituents

Made up of key ingredients, Actosome InoCeramide C06 perfectly balances the ratios for optimal skin benefit. Specifically, it contains Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride which actively smooths skin for a flawless, airbrushed, and poreless look. It is also a perfect source for the benefits of antioxidants. It stops any oxidation that can lead to imperfections and aging. A beneficial emollient, this is an ingredient that effectively binds moisture to your skin which results in the product’s overall ability to quench your skin’s thirst with optimal hydration.

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