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Article: Skincare



10 Simple Ways to Improve your Skin

With the overabundance of products, tips and tricks, and tutorials for your skin, getting started on with a routine to improve your skin health can be extremely confusing. So, here are 10 extremely simple ways to jumpstart your skin health journey!

01. Water, Water, Water

    There is no other way to put it. Hydration is key to healthy, moisturized, supple skin. Drink around 2 liters a day to get that skin glowing!

    02. Stress Relief

      In this fast-paced day and age, stress is unavoidable, at every twist and turn of life. Unfortunately, stress manifests itself in unsightly acne and spots and dull, lifeless skin. Do not forget that self-care is so important to your mental health and your skin! Get some sleep, try meditating or journaling, and do some face masks and have some spa nights for healthier skin.

      03. Wash your pillowcase

        This is an incredibly easy fix that many people forget. Making sure that the pillowcase, the fabric your skin is in contact with for many hours, every single night, is clean is paramount. Just throw that pillowcase into your washer-dryer for a comfortable place to rest your head tonight and a refreshing treat for your complexion!

        04. Dairy

          Diet is a huge part of skin health. Dairy is unequivocally linked to higher rates of acne and spots. Merely lowering the amount you eat or taking it out of your diet for a little bit can lead to extreme results!

          05. Sugar

            Another culprit for bad skin is sugar intake. Are you eating a little too many desserts? Are you drinking a sugary beverage for every meal? Just cutting down on your sodas or candy can have immense impacts on your skin.

            06. Clean Face

              A Clean face is a happy face. Dirt and grime clogs pores and this shows up on your skin. Use a gentle effective cleanser daily and make sure to remove that makeup to keep your skin beautiful.

              07. Sleep

                Sleeping is when your skin cells rest and regenerate. If you do not get enough, you risk more acne, wrinkles, discoloration, etc. Just sleep an hour earlier everyday to get that beauty sleep.

                08. Hair Products

                  Often overlooked, your hair products might be the reason behind your skin problems! If they have propylene glycol, they certainly can hurt your skin. It is found in shampoos, conditioners, and can irritate and dry your skin, washing away the hydrating fats and oils your skin desperately needs.

                  09. Sunscreen

                    Sun damage is something every single dermatologist takes extremely seriously. In order to keep your skin safe from harmful rays, make sure to never leave the house without sunscreen. Affordable and high SPF options can be found at any drugstore!

                    10. Exfoliate

                      For glowing skin, exfoliation is a perfect choice. Starting off, you can choose between physical and chemical exfoliants. To physically exfoliate, even using a clean towel to gently rub at your skin or using a sugar scrub is an easy and effective option. Finding a gentle beginner chemical exfoliant is also another way to go!

                      You do not need to do every single tip on this list! Ten is so many. Choose one or two that you definitely can easily integrate into your schedule. Once those become second nature, you will be better at incorporating healthy skin habits and can add more. Begin your journey with a single change.

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