Our Story


After eight tumultuous years, a friend I hadn't seen in those years commented: "You look at least years ten older than your age."

It took me a few years after that statement to start feeling confident in myself again. Wanting to repair my skin, I tried store bought products, from $300 serums to $12 creams. None of them delivered the magical results they advertised. After becoming increasingly unsatisfied, I started using my mother’s skincare recipe at home, used for thousands of years in South Asia. I started researching other natural ingredients to add to it. I read about lotus and other ingredients but didn't know how to get the extract and add it to the recipe. I researched for the perfect labs and ended up working with multiple in both USA and Taiwan. Though that original recipe is still constantly being improved, going back and forth with the lab with an end result in mind, Blue Crystalline was developed.

There's going to be another big reveal, which will be made public in due time.

Another reason to embark on this journey was to create a space where I could be myself. My values without any compromise. Witnessing the past few years were painful and scary at the same time. Civil and human rights rollbacks, environment protection gutted, and so much more. After years of research, the product was ready. It was time to act.


I wanted to embark on this journey to create a space where I could truly be myself. Express my values without any compromise.  


    • We believe in illuminating inner beauty and authentic self through self-care.
    • We are a progressive, holistic company that uses ancient traditional wisdom with the latest scientific research and technology to promote the authentic self through self-love and care. We use only the purest ingredients that won’t harm your skin. 
    • For women, men, and gender nonconforming and for all skin types, including sensitive skin.


      • Vegan
      • Animals are friends, not ingredients
      • Environmentally conscious
      • Consciously sourced
      • Organic ingredients where possible
      • Time-proven, topnotch ingredients
      • No pink tax, ever
      • Transparency
      • Equality. Equality. Equality