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Our Story

Aaryan Ramzan always looked younger than he was. No sunscreen, no moisturizer, but a lot of cigarettes and wine. Yet, at 40 years of age he was being constantly mistaken for a teenage boy.

Then everything, from his skin to his entire life, changed completely. He made the brave decision to match his outside to what was always on the inside, and transition.

Unfortunately, he was prescribed the incorrect dosage of hormones, bombarding his body mercilessly with testosterone. His once clear complexion and entire body broke into severe acne, the kind that leaves deep, painful craters. It wasn't untill a friend mentioned that he looked 10 years older than his age, did he start to pay attention to his skin. Aaryan decided to heal from the inside and out.

The birth of the skincare solution.

He couldn't find any product that worked to his satisfaction for his skin, so he decided to create his own. He knew he wanted to create a skincare product using organic ingredients only. It had to be holistic, and had to be healing for the earth too. Aaryan made the goal to create a very unique formula that was equally effective for all genders, all colors, and all skin types.

 After consulting countless dermatologists and microbiologists, Blue Crystalline was born.

Just as Aaryan’s healing was from the inside out, he understands the importance of packaging. Eco-friendly, glass bottles and recycled kraft paper packaging envelope each product. Aaryan’s background also inspires this brand. His diverse family and his experience as a transman ignites his passion for equality and justice.

 Earth & Halo embodies those values. Face serum is just the beginning. The focus is not just skincare, but overall wellness that includes the environment. Aaryan understands deeply the diverse need for skin, hair, beauty products and strives to aid all in their journey to become themselves.