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Our driving force

At Earth & Halo, we reach for innovation and a higher standard, relentlessly.

Backed Up By Science

We trust only scientists. When we make a product, we rely on cold, hard data, extensive research, and lab results to make every single decision. From the potency to which ingredients to incorporate, we spend working during the experimentation phase with worldwide renowned labs and scientists for as long as possible to choose the best way to create our products.

Protect Our Skin, Protect Our Earth

Every single one of our products are created with the intention to protect our environment and our home. Our product manufacturing processes are designed to limit as much ecological impact as possible, with our core philosophy being to create no harm to nature. In fact, our ingredients come from the Earth, and are as natural as possible. We hope to heal nature in the way it heals us.

Innovation, not Convention

At Earth & Halo, we believe in breaking down barriers and being the tireless pioneers in our field. Complacency in following traditional rules and ideas is the surefire way to drown within current mistakes and prevent achievement. We want to constantly better ourselves and constantly improve our products to give you the best experience possible.

Striving For More,
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