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Based on 9 reviews
Apple Of My Eye
Lee Hruby

I would like to change my review. Originally I wrote a negative review based on the quantity of product I received. Earth & Halo sent me another jar of the apple of my eye and this time it was full

Obsessed with this serum!

I received a sample of the blue crystalline serum when I was at a beauty show. After using it only for a few days, my skin was so soft, hydrated and smooth. I noticed a huge difference.

I love this product because it does not irritate my sensitive skin. Highly recommend!!

Amazing product, saw results almost immediately!

So I have a problem with redness and blotchy patches on my face. I used this product, and after TWO DAYS I noticed a difference. I really couldn’t believe it, but it left my skin so smooth and soft, and the redness was reduced significantly. I look forward to my skincare routine now, knowing how great it makes me feel and look. I’m completely sold, this product is amazing!

No more hormonal acne!

As an adult (especially as I enter menopause) I have noticed acne showing up on my chin line. I purchased Earth Halo because I wanted a product that moisturized but didn’t clog my pores and that was produced cruelty free. After only a few days of use my acne was gone and it has not returned. I’m amazed that such a small drop of this magical blue serum makes such a difference. The bottle easily lasts several months and I am 100% happy with the results.

Amazing Product!!

I don't usually write reviews but this product is so amazing I had to leave one. I was diagnosed with breast cancer last year and had to undergo chemotherapy, which messed with my skin. I’m glad I fought cancer, and then was able to use this serum to see if it can help correct some of the issues like pigmentation and additional wrinkles. I've been using this serum everyday for a few weeks now and I've noticed my skin's texture has improved significantly. It's more even, I feel like my skin is glowing, reduced wrinkles and I rarely have to wear any makeup now! This is one of my favorite skincare products and I'd recommend it to anyone who is looking to improve their overall skin texture and tone.

Feels so good

From the first time I applied this serum I was amazed by how my skin felt. Apparently it looked good too because I was getting all kinds of compliments. Will definitely keep using this.

Best Serum

I am a firm believer in this product. Within a week to 2 weeks, I have seen my face get firmer, brighter and my pores shrink. Blue Crystalline is amazing! It not only works but the price is awesome! I have reordered 5 more bottles because I want my family to try it . Great product ! You will buy it again !!!

Love the texture.

I feel like this serum is so soft yet effective. I use it at night and sometimes morning so far for a month and my skin looks great. Can't wait to see the longer effects.

Wonderful produc

What an amazing product. It’s packaged so beautifully and the clean crystal blue serum is a treat to use. My skin looks nourished and rejuvenated after three weeks of use. I would suggest this to everyone