Rock Samphire

Rock Samphire, or Crithmum Maritimum, is a lush, green seaside plant that grows along the coasts of Britain, Ireland, the Mediterannean as well as the western coasts of Europe. An adrenaline-junkie obsessed with rock climbing, this plant clings onto stony crevices and cliffs, thriving on well-drained, sandy shores and under full, bright sunlight. They are often so hard to reach that even Shakespeare wrote of the elusive plant and the dangers its collectors faced.


The health benefits Rock Samphire has is because of the active ingredients and substances it contains, from necessary vitamins A, B, and C and minerals like zinc, iron, iodine, and magnesium. A good source for Omega-3, Rock Samphire’s fatty acids regulate your skin’s oil production, improves and balances out its natural hydration processes, minimizes breakouts, and reduces signs of aging. It also softens dry, rough skin and soothes irritation and dermatitis. Research has also shown that Omega-3 may boost the skin’s resistance against UV damage and, subsequently, skin cancer. Samphire cell biomasses have also been found to target the skin’s barrier function, improving it by shortening its recovery time and increasing collagen production. This gives your skin bounce and brightness. The fucoidan, a complex polysaccharide, found in this plant has antioxidant properties, protecting against skin conditions because it battles the oxidative stress caused by free radicals. They neutralize any future pathogens and environmental strain. 


This remarkable plant has many uses and benefits. Famous for its high concentration of Vitamin C, Sailors used to ward off scurvy. Now, it makes cameos in cookbooks, sometimes served with pasta, other times as a pickled dish. It can be used as an herbal medication as well as a diuretic and remedy digestive issues. It reduces cardiovascular disease because it contains potassium, improves bone health because it contains calcium, and regulates your circadian rhythm and sleep because it contains magnesium. Rock Samphire seems to improve your health from head to toe, from your skin to your heart.


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