SYN-AKE (Patented)

SYN-AKE is an ingredient with just as much power and strength as its source of inspiration, the venom of the fearsome a Temple Viper, or the Tropidolaemus Wagleri. It is an incredibly effective synthetic peptide created with the sole purpose of anti-aging. This peptide, created by the Swedish Pentapharm Ltd company, imitates the properties of the substance found within snake venom, Waglerin-1. It relaxes muscles which, when in SYN-AKE form, reduces wrinkles and any fine lines incredibly quickly, has extremely long-term effects, and can be reversed whenever you want. The main reason behind the appearance of fine lines on our skin is the creasing caused by your muscle movement in the same consistent areas like the crinkling of your forehead when you are concerned or the squinting of your eyes when you can’t see things that are far away. This revolutionary ingredient targets the problem at the root: the muscles themselves. With controlled and targeted relaxation of these muscles, the lines will be gone in no time. Whether it is the troublesome crows-feet or deepening laugh lines you find yourself focusing on in the mirror, SYN-AKE is a solution that can reduce any wrinkling by 52% and increase the overall smoothness and texture of your skin by 36% after only 28 days of consistent usage.

The Science

The snake venom substance that inspired SYN-AKE, Waglerin-1, is a tripeptide that stops the muscles from getting sodium targeting the mnAchR receptor which keeps any tension away. For snakes, this prevents their prey from getting away, but SYN-AKE takes advantage of this property in an innovative way. Without any sodium, no nerve impulses can reach the muscles and creasing will no longer be a problem at all. Just like the popular Botox treatment, this ingredient focuses on the physiological reason we get lines instead of trying to treat and mitigate the surface level effects.

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